Established in 2018

URBAN ALCHEMY (UA) was founded in 2018 in order to bring a sense of peace and respect to America’s most chaotic urban areas that are struggling with the intersection of extreme poverty, addiction, mental illness, and hopelessness.

UA prioritizes employing former long-term offenders who have dedicated their lives to healing and redemption through service.

Our Approach

Urban Alchemy utilizes the transformative power of love, passion, respect, and a sense of belonging to reshape the lives of society’s most vulnerable members, into society’s most valued members.

Urban Alchemy transforms people and urban spaces with respect and compassion to heal communities and cities.

Our Services Include:

• Street Cleaning & Power washing

• Monitors for Public Restrooms

• Attendants for Public Showers

• Ambassadors for Public Spaces

• Elevator Attendants

• Bringing love and respect to All