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Pit Stop Program

Urban Alchemy practitioners monitor 24 Pit Stop locations in the City to ensure the availability of safe and clean public restroom facilities. We understand that the community requires adequate access to restrooms and it is our pleasure and responsibility to provide a safe and comfortable pitstop experience through safety and service.


BART Elevator Practitioners

The goal of this project is to implement an innovative strategy to consistently ensure elevators at the Civic Center and Powell St. Stations remain safe, clean, and in working order for all BART/SFMTA patrons. In partnership with Urban Alchemy, BART and SFMTA have used our practitioners to execute these goals and support the positive use of our elevators.


San Fransisco Clean Program

Urban Alchemy provides litter reduction services in the Tenderloin and adjacent neighborhoods of San Francisco to ensure safe, clean, and accessible sidewalks and right-of-ways.


Civic Center Commons Practitioners

The CCC was created to be a changing force in an otherwise unmanageable environment that had been allowed to slip into a state of crises. The Civic Center area was a renowned location many considered to be a mecca for crime and drug addiction. With the advent of CCC and in collaboration with other city departments and Urban Alchemy, the Civic Center has been changed into a center of civic enjoyment where families and others can convene to use a pristine park for prosocial purposes.


San Francisco Department of Parks and Recreation’s Park Stop Program

The San Francisco Recreation & Parks Department is the city agency responsible for governing and maintaining all city owned parks and recreational facilities in San Francisco, California. In partnership with Urban Alchemy, eight parks identified as one’s needed for our services have been deployed with our practitioners to ensure a safe and welcoming experience for all.


Zendesk Food Trucks Program  

Mid-Market gets first taste of food trucks — on a stretch that’s been tough on dining spots. Come visit us on 6th and Market Streets, Wednesday though Friday from 11AM-3PM.